Cotswold Water Park in Nev to SUP on Lake 86

First ever outing to the Cotswold Water Park.

Our 2 hour time slot was booked from 12. (Note to self – time slots heighten anxiety).

We had a potter around before hand. Cotswold outdoor (15% off with your British Canoe Union membership) , South Cerney Outdoors (cheaper for longer and quieter), cycle hire (go-by-cycle – also has basic camping facilities), the Cotswold range (archery, air rifles etc).

Then headed to Lake86.

The gates opened at 11.30. A basic field with marked out numbered bays. Got everything ready and set off to launch.

It was a windy session – especially down the left hand side of the lake. However we managed to avoid any major disasters, do a bit if yoga and practise step back turns with only the 1 splash from me!

Once back on dry land and everything stowed away we headed for the Lakeside car park and set up for a picnic lunch. (NPR RingGO 4848).

After an hour or so in the sun we packed up and headed home happy.

What we have learnt today:

  1. It’s been a godsend to have the toilet in the van
  2. If you step too far back the inevitable happens
  3. Always check your valve is reset!!
  4. We can get into more car parks without the roof rack on
  5. Traffic jams are getting worse in Stow and Moreton
  6. Take moisturiser

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