They say ‘life is all about the journey’

I’m coming round to the way of thinking that the DESTINATION is just as important – join me on our search for the perfect ‘Destination’.

10th August 2020 saw the arrival of 2 paddle boards to add to our collection of hobbies and pastimes.

Our first voyage was on the River Avon from Fisherman’s Car Park in Stratford upon Avon downstream to town for an ice cream stop opposite the theatre, amongst the swans.

Kneeling, standing and a couple of yoga poses later – oh and 2 large splashes and 1 deliberate one to cool off – and we have survived and really enjoyed our first trip out.

Our second journey began with a trip to wander through the confetti fields then we launched near Pershore – a bit murkier due to the heavy rain but pretty nonetheless. Georgia came too.

Now those of you that know me would anticipate that ‘frippery’ would be sure to follow – essential colour coordinated items is what I prefer to call them!


Tomorrow sees us off to the Cotswold Water park – lets see how we fare on a lake.

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