Brazibay weekend early May bank holiday 2019

Let’s kick off the season and head to the Cotswolds with our friends.

This could be a trickier trip than imagined.

Moral of this story – don’t plant pesky parsnips!

Gill, Alan and Voyager arrived on route – drawn in by the smell of my freshly baked banana bread I’m sure. and we’re off

c’mon boys put some effort in he’s only little

Camp set up. There are more of Scooby’s great photos to see on brazilianvwbay.

Sunday convoy away

Hook Norton Brewery first stop. Paparazzi everywhere!

After another great lunch at the Norman Knight off to the Rollright Stones where the druids were celebrating Beltane – a festival celebrating fertility and growth.

Thankyou to all of those who participated.

Highlights included.

  1. Listening to vinyl on Saturday night courtesy of Dee
  2. Becoming the proud owner of my very own disabled toilet key
  3. Meeting up with friends after the winter
  4. Setting up Neville and Eric be it only minimalistically
  5. Cooking with the Remoska
  6. All the girls looking after each other like family
  7. Everyone’s help, assistance and kindness
  8. Loved the brewery – will definitely go again
  9. Norman knight great
  10. Think I’d like to be a Druid
  11. Dry robes keep you really warm

Things we learnt

  1. Always have a battery starter handy
  2. And a piece of rope
  3. It can be really cold in May

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