Love 2 stay – 13-19th April 2019

The Easter holidays have arrived and it’s time to start new adventures.

We are off to Shropshire, to a campsite near Shrewsbury.

Millie is looking forward to it very much!All set up for the few days ahead – chilling (literally), paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, hot tubbing, massage, plant buying, air stream dreaming, shopping in Shrewsbury etcSome views of the camp site – would be a good destination for a brazibay meet – anyone up for it?It is not cold at all. I am not wearing seven layers – I have not had to buy Millie a padded coat to stop her shivering – that is indeed Lexi not a snowmanAll good to goNow which shall I do – massage? Paddle board? Massage? Paddle board? I’ll let you guess where I ended upIt is genuinely too cold to sit outside so lets huddle in the Eric our PuckAlso at the campsite is a really fab plant centre with the best tended plants for sale that I have seen for a long time – let the jungle collection commenceLets give the assault course a go before we do our hours yoga flowOk then- well I’m in – now to try it in 8 degrees – (practising for a half iron man – my only question is why?????Ta- daaTrying to reach a more normal body temperatureA well deserved hot chocolate for the 2 mad ones – another recommendation – a dry robe is a great piece of kit for keeping warm at all timesThe girls went shopping into Shrewsbury – todays purchase – the Remoska – a Czech oven type plug in cooking device from Lakeland – I have read people extolling the virtues of this item for a couple of years now – I wanted something to cook for the 2 of us in the the colder months inside when BBQing is not a viable option. Should we have have the 2 person or 4 person – went for the 2 – have practised a lot since we have got home and really impressed with the gentleness of the cook – from jacket potatoes to bake bread to joints of meat to heating up a curry all have been really good – so would recommendThe sun has come outSo – how many people can you get in a 2 man kayak – answer 4 – can 1 of them stand up without falling in – answer yes – can they do a circuit of the lake without the standing person (Lexi) falling in? Answer- yes – can Gary stand up as well? answer – now don’t be silly!Time to pack up and head for home. It’s been a great few days if a little chilly at the beginning .

Things learnt:

It can be bloody cold at Easter

It takes a while to get used to camping again

It WILL be ok in the end

Choose a clean and well facilitied campsite to ease you back in

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