Also festival 2018

So what’s it all about then?

The intimate Also Festival returns for a 5th year, taking place over three days this year from From Friday 29th June to Sunday 1st July 2018 at Park Farm, Compton Verney, in Warwickshire 9 miles east of Stratford-upon-Avon.


The announced acts include:- Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Hypnoblue, Steve Vertigo and Steve Parry, Daniel Rachel, Little Blue Horse, Steve Parry and Nick Gartland, Cassia, Will Varley, Marie White, Philip Escoffey, Ruebin, London International Gospel Choir, Jono McNeil, Robin Ince, and Chris Watson.

Also’s programming encourages experiences without constraints, whether that’s learning how to survive an apocalypse, trying a hand at stand-up, watching a band or sitting down to a three course dinner in the festival’s beautiful dining tent.

Across the weekend the festival will welcome professors, authors, theorists and more to share their ideas and bring them to life in a live setting. Books by speakers will be on sale for those who want to explore those ideas even further at home. 

All a bit bonkers then – we should fit in just fine!

All of my favourite men together in 1 fieldThe weather was glorious. We’re only 20 minutes from home and set up went smoothly.

There’s been a delivery – #Dan Abbotts must have passed byGary and I attended the photography workshop and learnt how to layer images – now if only I could remember how we did it!Uh ohStill playing with our new found skills – very Rodin methinksThe London Gospel choir karaokeNow where did Julia Roberts appear from – looks like she’s having a good time as well – not THE Julia Roberts – a mum from schoolIt’s banquet time – good food and a more weird experience in a field would be difficult to come acrosswe have left Butlins in Skegness and have offered up the sacrificial virgin and drunk her bloodHere comes the chef to create art on the table for pudding – Hmmm now I know I was awake a moment ago – do not fall off of the hay baleStill looking beautiful in a fishy kind of wayBreakfast time and the suns not stoppingWine tasting with Dan Abbotts finished the weekend off nicely and we wibbled home on our bikes.

Would we do it again – most likely. – anyone else fancy it?

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