A very exciting day arrives at long last – welcome to Eric our new arrival the Eriba Puck

The alarm was set for 5.00 am – whoop whoop

We set off heading East – following the star – oh no wrong story – following the rising sun – you get the picture

Neville was definitely excited to meet his new friend
We arrived near Cromwell (Gimingham) http://www.eriba-shop.co.uk (Dom’s place) at 9.10am – not sure who was most shocked at the early time of our arrival – Us? Dom? Or his wife who’s birthday it was.
We had a great handover – no question too stupid. Holes drilled and the number plate fitted. Lessons given in gas strut, hand brakes, batteries, gas lockers, hook up, tyre pressure, and how to put the locks on.

The sun was shining so we headed for a very large car park in Cromer.
We set up a mini camp and sat back and looked – and were still happy with our decision – so all good.
Dave and Sira arrived in Baylee with their children and Jasper and we had a couple of fun hours chatting and eating and supping tea in the sunshine before we decided we should probably head for home.

The journey home was thankfully fairly uneventful – the SatNav chose the shortest route to the A14 rather than the one with the widest roads. Some trepidation at the sign that said ‘no passing places for 3/4 of a mile’!
Not too happy with the boiling sound coming from the rear, driver’s side column at the back of the van from the roof down – will keep an eye and an ear on that.
Eric is now parked up and we will spend this week sorting him out in readiness for our first proper brazibay week of the year at Dunwich – looking forward to the gin making!

Watch this space for the next chapter in our adventures maybe next week.

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