A stressful time begins ……..

Now – as we all know gary and I are not mechanically minded.
We drove to the lakes last Thursday and when we got there the back was smothered in gunky stuff!  Tree sap thinks I and cleaned it all off.
On the way home we stopped off at Sandbach services – the back of Nev was covered again – we looked in the engine bay – (there was an engine) and an oil leak was detected. We dipped the stick and the oil was below minimum.

We rang Danbury and they advised us of the correct oil to buy – top it up and all should be good – although it would be best if they took a look. They may have to keep the van for a couple of days if they need to seal the unit to allow the seal to harden.

We spoke to Paul at Brand Autos – call the RAC.
So we bought oil and topped up – but it was still leaking (not the right oil cos they didn’t have any but another call to Danbury said the 15w would be ok in the meantime)
So – I called the RAC – I said I thought there maybe oil leaking from the sump – (thankyou the FB back up team)- however there was trouble in the translation-  the dump? The frump? The front  – FFS!!!! Even I had heard of the sump!
He then hung up on me!!!!!!!!!!!
I rang back – a lady – she knew what a sump was and ordered the call out.
Then followed a call from the RAC man – which went something like – “well I won’t be able to fix it – shall I just save us all time and call the tow truck” – errrrrrrr no – come and have a look please.
Whilst waiting for the RAC man I called the RAC back to check what cover we had – well – you have recovery – great – you can be recovered for free for 10 miles then it’s £85 and £2 a mile!!!!!!!!!
I think not – check again – I’ll need to talk to my supervisor – get on with it then – oh yes you are covered there will be no charge FFS again!!!!!!!
Then the RAC man arrived – he glanced underneath and said – “well I can’t fix that – shall I call the tow truck”?
Jeez – then followed lots of scary stuff about how they won’t take car of the van – it’ll rip the step off – oh no it’s lowered that’ll cost more etc.
And he left – just as well tbh because I was about to do harm
Blood pressure rising again just typing this

So – tow truck no.1arrives – I am in the driving seat and am for once following instruction without argument – it was a scary moment being winched up and I really felt as if Nev might take a sideways tip – anyways all was well and Nev was on the back of the tow truck – he looked both embarrassed and proud at the same time – T and T Neville – T and T!

Negotiations then began – can we drop Gary off on way to Brand Autos  – can Millie come in the cab – apparently dogs have to travel in the van on the back in case the next passenger has an allergy – not a chance
Anyways our man was amenable and all was agreed to – off we set – Gary up front and me in the back – the cab was bigger than the inside of Nev in its entirety
Our driver was one of the talkative ones – Gary knew all about his daughters labour difficulties in seconds, his sons propensity for beating people up – and the fact that his granddaughter was named nevaeh – who’s going to be the first to work that out!
The plan was that Gary would be ejected near Warwick and I would be taken on to Bicester – where Nev and I would swap vans after a 2 hour wait in the service station and then taken on to BrandAutos where I would spend the night in the van – ETA 2 am – lovely
Anyway our lovely tow man wasn’t happy with that – so the company – EGERTON’s spoke to the RAC and they agreed that we could spend the night at home and then go onwards in the morning

So morning arrives and brings with it Andy in tow truck no.2
He says – “so what was the problem” – “oil leak” says I – “lets have a look” says he – “okeydokey”
10 minutes later and 5 screwy things tightened and he says “all fixed” – I says “what”? – he says “all fixed”.
I go for a drive. – no leakage or seepage – I’m still wary. – so call Paul
Paul and Andy have a conversation – 2 more screws are located . Tightened – and they agree between them all fixed.
I’m still going to Brandautos to get it checked.
So decide on a road trip with mother and dog – maybe that’s why my blood pressure has gone up!
So Andy and tow truck follow me, through the centre of Warwick because he wanted to see the castle, to mothers and we check again – still all good
So off we set down the M40 etc and arrive in one piece relieved at Paul’s.
And that’s where you think the story should end BUT No it is only just beginning.
Then the phone calls start – your tyres are dangerous and I can’t let you drive away  – they are mis-shapen and the cord is showing.

Ok. Then I’d best have two new ones

Ok they’ll be here by 3.30 – now country world was good but not that good!
10minutes later – cos I’d asked him to check the handbrake as it wasn’t holding the van.
The brake shoes are knackered – scratched, battered and broken.

Ok then (with much trepidation at cost) best have them fixed then.

Now – please bear in mind that this is a van that has been serviced at it’s place of purchase every six months and in December was cleared of everything and it was noted that the tyres were in good condition.
We have done less than 2000km since the last major service.
So mum, Millie and I headed across the ploughed fields and listened to the cuckoo in an attempt to stay calm..

So a reasonable bill later – my front end has also been greased and we were released into the wild – well the M25 to head to Watling engineers for a tow bar fitting at 7.30am on Thursday – the following morning.

I have been in conversation with the dealer we purchased Neville from and am awaiting further information/suggestions/customer care next week. Watch this space.
The following morning saw me, mum, Mille and Nev. in St Albans ready for a tow bar to be fitted at Watling Engineers.

All goes well and we head for home

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