A week in Bude

Saturday 6th August

A beautiful sunny Saturday in Leek Wootton sees us packing up Neville and heading SouthWest.
We left home at 10am. Was the traffic busy? Hell yes. We were doing ok up until Bristolish where we ground to a proverbial halt – actually it was more of an actual halt kind of halt!

Some hours later we had a wee stop at Sedgemoor services. To be fair the sky was so blue and the weather so lovely maybe we should have made camp in the car park!We arrived at Upper Lynstone caravan park at about 4.30, set up, poured gin and awaited the arrival of Georgia and Laurence to the party. The sky is grey and it’s a bit chilly (Georgia quickly adopted the bug in the rug pose). 

Gary and I  dined at the Tapas restaurant ‘The Bank at Bude’.

Gary completing his meal with his fave trio – espresso, liqueur and vanilla ice cream

Sunday 7th August

After breakfast we had a brisk and breezy walk into Bude over the cliffs towards Compass point. 

These are some of my fave views and it feels somehow easier to breathe. 

A wander round the town and inevitable annual wetsuit purchases for children who have grown and shrunk from zumajays   and Ann’s cottage.

I bought a new toy – a fish eye lens to attach to my phone. So expect a lot of round distorted photos from now on. 
Where better to try it out than on the terrace at the Beach at Bude.

Afternoon activities encompassed the use of a variety of bicycles. I am not sure why everyone thought my Brompton was so hilarious. 

Definitely Laurence’s colours methinks. 

The people of Bude were very bothered that we were cycling on a footpath tonight. We are very sorry and will try not to be so naughty ever again!! But seriously how is a fat woman in a mobility scooter ok but sensible 2 wheely people not?

Monday 8th August

A quick trip to the shops for provisions, wet suit boots, a new Christie Quest DAB radio in Neville colours and a few other essential items and we were ready to set camp up at the Bude beach hut that it’s taken Gary’s mum 10 years to get to the top of the list for! 

Millie modelling her Brazilian -towel

Today was the day for the intrepid trio Gary, Georgia and Lexi to have a surf lesson with the Big Blue Surf School. 4 hours later they returned – Georgia ecstatic that she’d stood up for longer than anyone else – fair do’s. 

Whilst these guys were surfing I went and sat on a bench, minding my own business, when along came a man called Lindsay Hamon and his followers, carrying an 8ft cross. They stopped and chatted for quite some time, invited me to join them at service and said a prayer for me and mine. A calming experience – but seriously – could only happen to me!

An evening BBQ with everyone back at the caravan preceded a walk across the cliff tops back into town for ice cream. Only drawback – I’d forgotten we were in Bude where shop keepers don’t want to make money – so no ice cream to be had. We had to resort to plan B – cocktails at The Beach – what a dreadful shame!! 

A bonus was looking up at just the right time to watch the space station pass overhead. 

Tuesday 9th August
Off to Widemouth beach for the day. Camp set and settled down. 

Frankly a bit brrr punctuated with some short, warm,sunny spells. 

The Layzac arrived – the power of 24 hour delivery – and some hilarity ensued whilst we tried to successfully inflate. I tried to google search for layzac inflation and got some results I had not bargained for! 

It was good whilst it was up but needed more frequent attention to keep inflated that I had imagined. 
We later watched some YouTube videos and are glad others have found catching wind in a large plastic bag equally challenging. 

Very messy waves and a strong undertow. 

The best decision of the day was to have a takeout tea in our camp from the Widemouth Bay cafe. Great crab cakes, fish fingers and granola – an odd mixture agreed! 

The new retro radio performed well on the battery and even charged my phone

– not sure everybody appreciated my choice of music. 

Wednesday 10th August

A cloudy, mizzly and wet day so we headed into town to the shops. A good wander around resulted in buying two more ‘black eye’ camera lenses – a wide angle and a macro. Red wine ‘naked on roller skates’ by some young punks from the North Coast Wine Co. and some other bits and bobs. 

The sun broke out so the crazy golf challenge began. The oldies beat the youngsters. 

We headed back to Nev over the cliffs. The tide was out so we took the opportunity to walk out to Barrow Rock and take some arty farty photos with the new lenses.


This is a picture of Tom’s pit. Constructed in 1859 for men only. A tuppence a swim and a penny fine if caught skinny dipping!

There once was a young man from Bude

Who fancies a dip in the nude

He could swim in Tom’s pit for a thru penny bit

Which included the fine for being rude !

Thursday 11th August
Today Nev has the role of support vehicle to the two intrepid road cyclists. Georgia and Laurence set off to cycle the whole way from Bude to Padstow. 

We on the other hand had a more leisurely potter to Wadebridge where, after the requisite shop, coffee and cake we mounted our own trusty steeds and did the remaining 5 miles down the camel trail. 

Padstow was much as usual, altho not as busy as anticipated. More shopping. More coffee. More cakes and the two cyclists demolished 4 of Rick Steins best battered fish but no chips. 

Laurence departed for his solo return trip to Bude. 

Georgia joined us for the more leisurely paced ride back to Wadebridge. (Maybe this was the first trial run for the London to Brighton brazibay bromptoneers 2017? If it is tho – we may never finish!)

Georgia hitched a ride back with us  

The evening ended a bit hazily with Lidls best lychee liqueur mixed with Prosecco. 

Found this whilst we were out!

Too true – every day’s a nevs adventure

Friday 12th August

And then there were three + a small dog. 

We walked the headland to Northcott beach.

The first coffee of the day was to be had in the Bude barge,

which was built near us at home in Warwickshire. 

The second had to be at Margaret’s caravan,

then crab cakes back at the Beach hotel, before ice cream on the canal. 

Hmmm a bit of a troughing theme to this dull day. 
We ended on a high – boarding at Widemouth in the late afternoon and early evening sun. 

Saturday 13th August

So, the final day of this particular adventure has arrived. It’s been another great week and Nev has been one of the starring characters along with Cameo roles for Georgia, Laurence and Lexi. 

Nevs next adventure starts next Saturday on the 20th when he takes Gary and I to the Ile de Re on his longest adventure to date. 

Georgia and I have to squeeze a few days in Tenerife first tho! 

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