A week in Dunwich and Southwold

Saturday 23rd July

Finally loaded and off we set towards Dunwich near Southwold. A Nev van full of happy campers. Four hours later ( including a double lolly stop) we arrived.

An hour or so later and we’re all set up. We’re back at cliff house holidays and have a good size pitch. It’s a big site with multiple types of units from small tents to huge lodges and everything in between. Landscape wise you wouldn’t really know without a wander as it is full of mature trees etc. So each pitch or area of pitches is relatively secluded. Fish and chips at the onsite restaurant and a wander down onto the beach before a fire pit a cuppa and bed.

Sunday 24th July

The morning is bright and sunny. Much movement of people in and out. A rare occurrence happened today – we stayed put, sat still and chilled other than a potter down the steps to the beach and back. 

Monday 25th July

Today is Gary’s birthday – our 4th one together. The first (50) in St Ives, the second on Alcedonia (narrow boat), the third? Still debating the location and the fourth (2016) in Dunwich and its environs. 

After a birthday breakfast we cycled to Dunwich – Millie in resplendent glory in the basket – for a coffee and a wander on the beach. Good/alarming view of the power station. 

Then back to base for a chillax. 
Two days of chilling. Tomorrow hitting the bright lights of southwold. 

Tuesday  26th July 

For the sake of authenticity have checked back and Gary’s last birthday was on the last day of our week in Bude. Breakfast was at the cafe on Widemouth beach and we took the photo that ended up as May in this years Brazibay calendar. 

Another sunny morning for our shopping day in southwold. Parked  up by the pier – car park has lots of spaces so hopefully shops won’t be too busy. 

A lovely pair of Suffolk Punches getting harnessed up ready for carriage rides. 

First stop coffee and cake in the Magpie bakery. Yay a town that so far lets Millie in everywhere.

 Well everywhere except the post office!! Expensive clothes shops, gift shops, book shops and cafes and restaurants all fine – but the post office – NO

Am currently sat debating whether to get a triple pack of mini Adnam Gins. Think I will settle on YES. 

That ended up as a def YES. I even liberated an appropriate glass from the Adnams pub. 

Wednesday 27th July

A bit grey and mizzly at times and then hot and sunny. 

Our day so far has been spent at Snape Maltings and we are currently on the beach in Aldeburgh. 

Off to the Adnams shop now for more of that posh tonic with the Peruvian quinine. Correction none left so settled for a London tonic instead. 
Thursday 28th July

Today proved a better day weather wise than expected. So we hung around camp and sunbathed until 4 ish when we went for a walk down to Minsmere national trust and RSPB reserve. (Apparently the venue for this years Spring watch – no Chris Packham in sight tho). We had a reasonable walk through the gorse and got piss wet thru – still fun tho. 

Tea cooked in Neville and now chilling in front of a lovely fire pit. 

Nev has been the source of much conversation and admiration from our camping neighbours. ‘The most tasteful set up on camp’ yay – we do try and Gill Davies would be proud of me!!

Friday 29th July

Ooh – pay day. 

All packed up, squashed in and ready to roll. Gary uttered the phrase ‘we need a trailer’!  

Heading back into southwold for Brunch and then wending our way homewards. 

It’s been a great week and would definitely return. 

On the way home we stopped off in Woodbridge near Ipswich to visit the tannery shop. Well worth a return visit – good shops, cafes, marina etc

Also stopped off for some tea in honour of the rest of my family who are currently in Boston and New York USA. 

10pm and have only unpacked the important stuff. 

A weeks rest and then off to Bude next weekend for another week of Nev’s adventures. 

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