Camperjam 2016

July 1-3

So, here we are back full circle to the first brazibay gathering we went to. Weston park.

We’ve definitely got a lot more stuff this time around but still managed to come with a shopping list!

Friday night was – guess what!

Saturday’s theme was ‘animals’. Now as some of you know I have an aversion to dressing up and as grateful as I am to Serena for bringing spare wigs I was quite glad that the kindness didn’t extend to animal costumes – but I was more than happy to take this picture of the rest of you glamorous crew.

The sun shone for the majority of the weekend

Neville looked shiny with his new magnetic flowers. I’d have tried to look less grumpy if I’d known a photo was being taken!

Saturday night inevitably ended up in a circle with the shots and scoot snacks being passed around

But not until after me and Gary had a fab time in the ‘mosh pit’ dancing to Take on take that!

Ooh is that a new rug I see?

Tea time – cooking on the lotus. We had to move to the sunny side of the van.

Will we go again? You betcha – see you next year


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