The Kombi sleepover

27th-30th May 2016

The much awaited for and feted weekend of the kombi sleepover had arrived.

Strangely we did attend the last one briefly – I think we had ordered Neville but not yet taken delivery so went along to see what was what, look at some vans and meet some helpful people who are now part of our brazibay family.

That one had toilets and a shower block!!

This one did not – but actually that didn’t matter too much.

The showers! – I didn’t bother – am now a dab hand at the bed bath with the wet wipes!

The loos – could have been worse – see camperjam 2016!

The big top where all the entertainment was to take place

On our way – looking quite frankly a little deranged!

A full set up this weekend – never attempted before – the awning on one side and the sun canopy on the other – complete with Mr Happy and Millie the dog

hmmm – day 2 and still looking deranged

Surfwagon Stan aka Neal trying out the couch

Gill and Alan from Voyager popped over for a mooch – they are now the proud owner of a couch – (we believe it or not now have 3!)

Looking down the line – Alison is titivating Absinthe – whilst Martin ….

Georgia (my baby) and her friend turned up for cocktails and a BBQ

and the silliness commenced – at least the tug o war passed without injury!

Alison has produced some amazing costumes – altho how she breathed I’m not sure?

Julie popped over to try out the couch – it was a very popular couch!

and then the 80s entertainment commenced – guess what this show was?

Almost a line up – more like a face off – all lights on and facing inwards

and a lovely firework display to top it all off

Who needs showers anyway – thank you to Tim and team for all the great organisation



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