Glastonbury carnival and my 50th birthday!

21st November 2015

Well I guess the auspicious day had to arrive at some point – generally 50 years to the day after it all began! Mum baked me a good spread which everyone at school made light work of.

Then off we went to return to Somerset, my home county, for the glory that is Glastonbury Carnival.

I have no idea why but I don’t seem to have taken a photo of Neville this weekend. I can assure you he was there to participate in the celebrations.

We drove down on the Saturday and my birthday breakfast was at Gloucester services. Georgia joined us there from Oxford. After breakfast we headed for the Old Oaks Touring park situated around the back of the Tor.

We set Nev up with the awning, as mum was sleeping over and we didn’t think we’d get her up in the pop top!

Coaches left from the campsite to get us into town to have some tea and a wander before the carnival began

If you’ve never been it’s difficult to describe the mammoth floats and effort put into this ultimately quirky spectacle

Sunday morning dawned clear and sunny so we headed up the Tor, reliving my moment of Glory when I was Jesus as a child at Easter I think.

So there we go, for me a fab way to spend my 50th with family in one of my fave locations

Very much looking forward to going again in November 2016 with our new Brazibay family. 5 of us booked so far I think – anyone else up for it?

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