Dubs in the Forest – 26th and 27th September 2016


Friday night saw a late exit from the Midlands and we headed South as swiftly as ‘Nev’ would allow.

The journey was straight forward until the final few miles through ever decreasing widths of roads in the dark.

Anyway we arrived and were directed into our allotted space by Scooby and Beaky boy – thanks guys

The Brazilian camp was aglow with lights and laughter.

We set up camp, had a wander and then slept.

IMG_7735 IMG_7734 IMG_7733 IMG_7732 IMG_7731 IMG_7727 IMG_7726

This was yet another glorious weekend and a walk around the show on the Saturday revealed many beautiful vans of all shapes and sizes.








IMG_7723‘Nev’ now has pretty aluminium letters care of the service station – hmmm should I have gone all out and got the whole ‘Neville’?








IMG_7719Must get over my dread of dressing up clearly!

IMG_7718The weather was so fab we walked down to the beach with Surfwagon Stan and his family and had a great time chilling on the beach and afterwards on the rooftop terrace of the local café (bar!)


IMG_7713Tallulah braved the cruise

IMG_7712 IMG_7709 IMG_7708

A really great time was had this weekend with perfect weather for a perfect camp

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