Nev’s first big adventure – To Bude and back

Our week away started with an unscheduled Friday pm dash to Halford’s as Nev’s paperwork had arrived for his new identity ‘A R10 NEV’


Van loaded and we set off with trepidation down the M5 on the first Friday night of the school summer holiday!!!


See – I do let Gary drive – occasionally – now if he could just remember that there is a handbrake to be taken off……

First stop Gloucester services obviously! – devastating news tho’ they have run out of Lake District toffee vodka – will have to stop at Gloucester North and try again on way home.


Finally arrived at about 11pm  – traffic actually not too bad – our first night was spent camped on the in-laws drive where we got a new perspective of Neville from above


Here’s a pretty in the pink ‘Norma Jean’ parked up in Summerleaze car park


Next stop Widemouth beach for our first BBQ of the trip

IMG_7290 IMG_7291

I guess it needs to be done – wetsuits donned and boards at the ready!


IMG_7307                   Chilling after the event


BBQ number 2 coming up – am loving the lotus grill – am loving less the lack of a dishwasher back at the caravan to make it sparkly clean!

IMG_7398 IMG_7326

A walk over the cliffs into Bude concludes a happy day


Day 4 and Georgia and Laurence have arrived – true to form the weather forecast is not quite accurate and instead of sunshine it’s definitely chilly! Laurence heads off to Dartmoor to find hills to cycle up and down and we are British – we will not leave the beach, we will not give into the cold and yes we will BBQ come what may!

P1000493 P1000494 IMG_7338

How very exciting here’s RayC and family

IMG_7345 IMG_7346

Wednesday night was our night out on the town. We want to the tapas bar in Bude – and for some reason turned a bit orange!

!IMG_7350 IMG_7351

A drizzly start so off to Boscastle after breakfast at the Weir

P1000497 IMG_7403 IMG_7363 IMG_7362 IMG_7360 IMG_7358 IMG_7357

How very exciting the Icey-tek 25 litre has arrived – just in time for Gary’s pre-birthday birthday BBQIMG_7365IMG_7364

Camp set up at Crooklets – wetsuits were donned and jelly fish avoided – waves were pretty rubbish tho

IMG_7370 IMG_7369

Yes – we were very British again – and cold brrrrr

IMG_7368 IMG_7366

Is it wrong to lust after material possessions – am really quite keen on this Porsche speedster – is it original or a Chesil?

Gary’s actual birthday today – most of it will be spent on the road travelling home – so breakfast at the Widemouth cafe and sit in the sun for as long as possible.

P1000509 IMG_7375 IMG_7374  P1000510

Well it would have been rude not to stop at Gloucester services on the way home – and guess what – Toffee Vodka was located in the stock room – the very helpful man that found it told me he liked to put it in the butter icing for his cupcakes!


Home in time for a quick turnaround before a good meal at the Almanack in Kenilworth to round off the birthday


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